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Domica is a manufacturer of garages that protect cars and other items against weather conditions – strong sun, rain or snow. The aesthetic design of the modular garage will fit into any area of ​​a modern or traditional detached house.

Solid carports are perfect for owners of single-family houses who need space, e.g. for a car, and their house design did not take this into account. Our offer includes various variants of garages – wooden shelters and more, both those with an open structure and free-standing, fully roofed ones.

Wooden carports

A popular product in our offer are carports made of wood. Most often, they are installed on one of the walls of the building or as independent structures. Garages provide protection against rain, sun and any unfavorable factors that may adversely affect the condition of the car and its body.

Multifunctional garages

We offer a wide selection of wooden garages that can be used not only as a parking space, but also as a space for storing bicycles or doing DIY work. It is worth noting that some of our wooden garages have additional utility rooms or cells, which increases their functionality. Our garages are also perfect for storing various types of garden tools and furniture after the season. An additional advantage of closed garages is increased security against theft.

Garages tailored to customer requirements

We offer the opportunity to tailor garages to your needs and preferences. We use a variety of raw materials, painting options, additional windows and roof shingle patterns. Our wooden garages are functional and fit perfectly into various environments, from single-family houses to summer estates.

Get to know the Domica factory

Our factory has several years of experience and dozens of completed garages. Our own know-how and developed methods allow us to efficiently and professionally implement the most demanding projects. If you would like to see our factory in Plewiska near Poznań, make an appointment with our specialist who will show you the assembly line, discuss the stages of construction creation and possible variants, as well as advise you on the selection of durable solutions tailored to your specific needs.

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